industry groups

Australian Institute of Management (AIM) 

The professional body for managers, offering career development services including membership, training and events.

Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA) 

A member-based organisation providing thought leadership and policy perspectives on the economic and social issues affecting Australia.

Customer Service Council 

Improving customer service to ensure the ‘people’ factor of the business is looked after, increasing both workplace satisfaction and business growth.

Department of Education and Training 

The government department’s remit includes giving workers access to vocational education and training.

Department of Employment 

The department is responsible for national policies and programs that help Australians find and keep employment in safe, fair and productive workplaces.

Department of Industry and Science  

The department drives economic growth, productivity and competitiveness by bringing together industry, energy, resources, science and skills.

Financial Ombudsman Services 

An independent body that resolves disputes between consumers – including some small businesses – and member financial services providers.

The Australian Federation of Disability Organisations 

The voice that represents the interests of people with a disability in Australia. It informs, researches and educates the community about disability.

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