making self-service worthwhile

Self-service HR can save time and money. But organisational buy-in is essential in making it work and realising the benefits.

Self-service HR enables employees to input into, gain information from or interact with a range of HR databases and processes that would otherwise have to be carried out by HR personnel such as holiday requests, changes of address and bank details or input into feedback and performance appraisals. The benefits for staff include greater ease and convenience. Systems can be either standalone or integrated, with the move to cloud-based platforms paving the way for growing moves towards the latter. With fewer forms to fill in and paper outputs to send out, the process is also speedier and more environmentally-friendly.


The challenge of saying “over to you” is how to get the necessary buy-in from your workforce. The last thing you want is employees thinking that they have to do HR’s job for them. Moreover, without buy-in, you might spend so much time trying to promote the system and chasing up workers to make sure they’re using it that savings and efficiency gains are minimal. That’s why it’s so important to make self-service worthwhile for your workers by creating value-added opportunities and ensuring freed up HR time is used to provide better advice and support in more complex areas.


We’re therefore seeing the emergence of a new generation of self-service systems that include features such as 360-degree real-time feedback and gateways to customised learning and development. These not only help to cement engagement and offer more value for your staff, but also create valuable sources of data for HR in areas such as employee experience and the design of training programmes.


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