the power of employer branding

A compelling employer brand can boost your ability to attract, engage and retain a high-performance workforce.

Employer brand describes the image of your organisation among current and prospective employees and the people who influence them. This wider set of stakeholders includes their family, friends or social networks. Employer brand affects the entire candidate lifecycle, from candidate attraction to engagement, onboarding and employee retention. In other words, “it’s what people say about you when you’re not in the room!”

Your employer brand serves as the billboard for your organisation, and everyorganisation has an employer brand, whether consciously established, diligently nurtured or the product of benign neglect. Due to the range of external influences that can shape perceptions in the digital world, it sometimes feels as though maintaining the power of your brand requires an army of plate-spinners – while winning investment for brand maintenance can be a hard sell within an organisation. With the transparency of social media, that brand may be represented by a variety of messages, only a fraction of which will come directly from you and not all of which will necessarily be positive or reflect what you offer employees.

Strong organisations are focused on how their employer brand is perceived among potential candidates for current positions. However, they are also actively working on the perception of their image within schools, universities and other sources of talent for the future. 

The power of your brand message resides in various places: 

  • responding to comments about a candidate’s experience, uploaded on a job-search or social networking site, can dissipate any negativity and reinforce the positive – although this can be labour intensive 
  • peer reviews: potential candidates connect better with stories – e.g. online blogs or videos – told by employees or alumni who are like them than slick corporate presentations  
  • positive experiences of existing employees, who respond to a culture of engagement, personal development, and allied values, are powerful elements in promoting your brand

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