what makes an organisation attractive?

The Randstad Employer Brand Research provides unique insights into the world of work. It is the most comprehensive independent research in employer branding, providing an insight into what makes an organisation attractive to work for and what drives people to stay with, or leave their employer.

Randstad undertakes this research annually to determine the key drivers of talent attraction within Australia and across the world, assessing the perceived attractiveness of large local organisations. The ‘2018 Randstad Employer Brand Research’ is an exhaustive survey of 175,000 working age adults in 30 countries across Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas. In Australia, 9,995 people took part in this year’s research.  

highlights from the 2018 report

For two years, a good work-life balance was rated higher than the reward package for Australian workers. When broken down by gender and age, work-life balance was particularly important for women (57%) and those in the 25–44-year age group (57%). A good work-life balance was for 45% of respondents one of the top five reasons to stay with their employer, as is job security (42%), location (42%) and salary (40%). 

A limited career path would be a reason to leave their employer for 41% of respondents, followed by insufficient challenges (35%), work-life balance issues (35%) and not earning enough (27%).

Offering flexible work arrangements was a reason to stay for 33%, while not having sufficient flexible work arrangements would be a reason to leave for 27% of respondents. All this underlines that money is rarely enough to make people want to work for your organisation on its own.

Australians are also investing in their employability: 43% of workers take part in training programs or enroll in courses to keep their skills up-to-date and almost six in ten respondents said they are open to change.

opportunity to improve your employee value proposition

In Australia there appears to be a gap between what employees seek and what organisations appear to offer. For example, work-life balance and salary are the top two criteria when looking for a new job, but when it comes to what employers appear to offer, these come in ninth and sixth place respectively. A pleasant work environment is the fourth most important criterion for employees, but reaches only seventh place in what employers offer.

what are the top five criteria when choosing an employer

% 2018% 2017% 2016
good work-life balance 
salary and employee benefits
job security493951
a pleasant work atmosphere   
good training

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