incentives to create a more diverse workforce

In an effort to increase workforce participation among key demographics, the Australian government is offering enhanced incentives for small businesses to create a more diverse workforce. Wage subsidies are available to eligible companies through employment service providers to help with the initial costs of hiring and training of individuals, as well as offering additional support for those with disabilities.

mature workers

The Restart programme encourages businesses to employ mature job seekers (aged 50 years or older) who have been unemployed for at least six months. An employer will receive up to $10,000 (incl. GST) over a two-year period, usually paid in four instalments. A company must employ a mature job seeker for a minimum of 20 hours per week.

This subsidy is available through a local employment services provider.

workers with disabilities

The Australian Government provides a range of programs and incentives to help people with disabilities find and keep jobs. These range from work-based personal assistance and a mobility allowance, to work experience placements and wage subsidies depending on certain criteria.

The Employment Assistance Fund (EAF) is also available to employers to cover the cost of modifying the workplace to accommodate workers with a disability. This can include buying equipment, building modifications, and disability awareness training for the workplace.

Contact a local Disability Employment Services (DES) provider for more details.

indigenous australians

In keeping with the Australian Government’s initiatives to improve the employment representation of Indigenous employment, an Indigenous Australian wage subsidy is available for companies looking to employ eligible job seekers with an indigenous background.

An employer can receive up to $10,000 (incl. GST), with the job seeker working 20 hours per week averaged over the six-month wage subsidy agreement.

For employers in remote areas, a new wage subsidy through the Community Development Programme (CDP) will be available in 2019. 

The Indigenous Australian subsidy can be accessed through local employment service providers.

younger workers

Job seekers aged 25-29 years old may be eligible for a wage subsidy up to $6,500 over a six-month period, working at least 20 hours per week averaged out over that period.

Job seekers aged 15-24 years old may also be eligible for a wage subsidy on the same basis as above. 

The subsidy is available through a local employment services provider.

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