recruitment channels

From traditional advertising to career sites and social networking sites there is an unprecedented range of ways to attract the best candidates. The key to successfully communicating your vacancies is to use channels or media that the people you want to reach and attract use themselves, which increasingly means digital media rather than newspaper job ads.

create an outstanding career section on your website

Corporate careers/vacancy websites are becoming more popular, at the cost of online job boards, as they give employers a level of control over how they are perceived and allows alignment with the organisation's employer brand. Another trend is the emergence of job board aggregators that ‘crawl’ and summarise relevant information from sources including social media, corporate employers’ websites and job boards. Examples include, and

Businesses are also using social media and mobile-first approaches to advertise job opportunities and engage with potential candidates. 77% of roles are recruited for using LinkedIn, with Google for Jobs and Facebook Jobs also providing great opportunities for companies to source talent. 

organic growth

Operating an effective internal labour market – encouraging existing employees to apply for jobs – will increase their chances of gaining new skills, experience and promotion opportunities. Developing an internal labour market also has the benefits of building staff engagement, which can positively impact productivity and bottom line profitability.

Referrals from employees are also increasingly recognised as an effective way of attracting candidates via people’s acquaintances in the same field or range of professional network contacts. Employer brand will play its role in this, and can be boosted by using company websites to communicate the vision, values and culture of an organisation rather than just list ‘latest vacancies’.

Some organisations have a reward structure for internal staff referral. The rewards for recommending a successful candidate can range from movie tickets to large bonuses.

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