co-operating with other businesses

When you work with other businesses or share premises with other organisations, the Act states that you must consult, co-operate and coordinate activities with those business operators.

Never assume someone else is taking care of a health and safety matter. Find out who is doing what and work together with other duty holders in a co-operative and coordinated way so that all risks are eliminated or minimised as far as reasonably practicable

For example, if you engage labour-hire workers as part of your workforce, you share a duty of care to these workers with the business that provides them. In these situations, you must discuss with the labour-hire firm any hazards and risks associated with the work and what precautions will be taken. A risk assessment may need to be carried out before work starts, with all parties signing off that they are aware of existing and potential risks.

When entering into contracts you must communicate your safety requirements and policies, review the job to be undertaken, discuss any safety issues that may arise and how they will be dealt with. Remember you cannot transfer your responsibilities to another person. Further guidance on consultation can be found in the ‘Code of Practice: Work Health and Safety Consultation, Co-operation and Coordination’.

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