the importance of leadership

Organisational culture is formed by the examples set by leadership. As such, leaders need to proactively support good health and safety practices, as well as work with partners, suppliers and employees to ensure these are implemented throughout the organisation.

The importance of leadership is reinforced by the requirement for senior managers to exercise due diligence to meet the requirements set out in the Work Health and Safety acts and regulations according to each state or territory. 

Traditionally, the focus of health and safety has been on physical safety within the workplace, but in today’s work environment mental and physical health also feature prominently. Many employers are now promoting healthier lifestyles among their staff by introducing flexible working hours, promoting healthy eating and exercise, and providing information on stress management.  

Ideally, such activities and resources should be provided with the provision that they are there to be utilised by employees if needed. Remember that lifestyle choices are just that – choices, which are up to the individual concerned.

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