what makes an organisation attractive?

The annual Randstad Employer Brand Research survey is the largest in-depth, independent employer branding study globally. Around 225,000 working age respondents (including 7,795 in Australia) were interviewed for the latest study – the 2017 Randstad Employer Brand Research – about what makes an organisation attractive to work for and what are the most attractive sectors.

Respondents are first asked to rank the top five attributes they look for when choosing to work for an organisation. They then pick the organisations they know from a random list of 30 of 150 of the largest companies in their country and, based on their perception of the organisation, whether they would like to work for them. Finally, they evaluate each selected organisation on factors ranging from pay, training opportunities and career progression to the strength of its values, management and financial health.

Work/life balance, competitive salaries and benefits remain top of the list of attractions in Australia, followed by long-term job security. Pleasant working atmosphere,and interesting job content also scored strongly when people in the Australia were asked to rank the top five attributes, underlining that money is rarely enough to make people want to work for your organisation on its own.


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