redundancy procedures and consultation

All awards and registered agreements have provisions in place for consultation on any major workplace change, including redundancies. If 15 employees or more are to be made redundant at any one time, consultation must take place with the relevant union whose members are affected.

The consultation process has to begin as soon as possible after the decision to make changes has been made. Consultation includes:

  • notifying the affected employees
  • providing employees with information about the changes and their effects
  • discussing ways in which the negative effects of changes can be avoided or minimised as far as possible
  • listening to employees’ ideas or suggestions.

It is highly recommended you have good redundancy procedures and policies in place to avoid procedural flaws, and that there is equity in the selection process. Part of the policy may detail how to assist employees to find alternative work, and the use of outplacement services such as HR Consulting.

See also article ‘alternatives to redundancy’.

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