how Randstad works

Unlike most recruiters, Randstad’s consultants are responsible for both client engagement and candidate selection, which means that they are best placed to meet both client and candidate demands.

Consultants work with clients to build up a thorough understanding of the specific nature and requirements of the position, including evaluating competencies, experience, salary, benefits and career opportunities. They then evaluate which candidate has both the right technical and interpersonal skills for the post – also known as the right fit.

By asking the right questions of candidates, Randstad takes the time to get to know their history, requirements, goals, and vision.

Randstad Australia was established in 1988 as a multi-specialist recruitment consultancy with a national network of offices. Using a unique blend of human touch and innovative technology, Randstad matches over 100,000 Australians every year with the right organisations to achieve their goals and career ambitions.

In line with its best-practice approach to recruitment, Randstad goes further to identify ‘perfect match’ candidates by using the latest, psychology-based methods, like Pymetrics, a tool that employs gamification of psychological tests. Randstad’s HR Consulting division offers the ‘Emotional Capital Inventory’ (ECiTM) as a tool for the development and measurement of effective leadership, and delivers the best scientifically-validated range of psychometric assessments.

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