working with a specialist recruiter

As momentum continues to move from West to East, the growing innovation economy in the Asia-Pacific region demands new, adaptive skills due to work becoming increasingly knowledge-intensive and technology-enabled.

Sharper deployment of talent and increased investment in training are crucial in sectors facing persistent skills shortages and in markets being transformed by technology, rapidly changing customer expectations and competition from new entrants.

The recruitment industry plays a vital role in enabling businesses and public sector organisations to develop the skills, operational flexibility and higher productivity needed to adapt to changing demands and deliver higher quality services. As the economy evolves, this also helps improve how the labour market functions by moving workers to more productive roles and satisfying job matches.

At Randstad, the first point of interaction with clients and job seekers is now almost always digital – online, mobile or social media. Yet technology can’t replace the human touch – it is the creativity, empathy and engagement that customers prize, which drives true innovation and differentiation. It’s important that businesses – including recruiters – strike the right balance between technology and the human touch in their operations and communications; and that they plan for the inevitability of more automated work, while identifying and valuing everything that human interaction brings to a vast range of roles in the workplace.

Randstad’s expertise helps organisations anticipate how their skills needs are evolving, as well as how to recruit and retain people with the right capabilities, motivation and cultural fit. Specialist consultants help clients meet their immediate requirements and develop customised strategies for addressing longer-term talent needs. 

The organisation is mindful that using technology alone to match applicants to roles is a one-dimensional approach. Research conducted by Randstad in the US confirms that around 80% of both candidates and clients believe that recruiters must know the people involved as individuals, rather than rely exclusively on a technological process to identify the best match.

Randstad’s consultants also work in-house at many organisations. In this way, they can provide a range of HR solutions to help businesses manage their talent more effectively, such as anticipating evolving skill requirements  or optimising the recruitment and  retention of people with the right capabilities, motivation and cultural fit.

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