online HR groups

The growth of online HR groups continues apace. Group members form virtual communities around subjects of common interest, on either public websites or through organisation’s social networks.

The most prolific site is LinkedIn, which hosts thousands of discussion groups on a massive range of topics, including a large number on human resources and related fields. Entry is free to anyone who has a LinkedIn profile.

Some groups have an open entry policy while others require an application for approval by the group’s moderator. Most discussions are lightly moderated to ensure lawful content, prevent abuse and deter blatant advertising from commercial interests.

Most groups invite members to share their knowledge and comment and learn from each other’s experiences via their discussion pages.

Among the largest groups is Linked:HR with nearly one million members and around 125 active online discussions. Topics are varied: for example, pay and employee engagement, nicotine-free hiring policies, managing attendance issues and even HR as a calling.

The HR & Talent Management Executive, with nearly 400,000 members, is a global group of HR executives who exchange research and best practice in HR and talent management.

The HR Professionals group, with 238,000 members, is restricted to practising HR professionals and claims to be the largest moderated LinkedIn group for this sector. The group provides a platform for HR professionals, across different areas, industries, HR functions and experience levels, to interact with each other.

The Australian Human Resources Institute hosts a LinkedIn discussion group with 51,000 members who share HR information and discuss key issues.

Online HR groups are proving to be one of many valuable sources of information and expertise to HR professionals. In this spirit of information sharing, sections of this edition of the workpocket are available from the Randstad website (

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