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The hugely popular video channel YouTube can be an effective tool for recruiting employees, staff induction and training and many other business functions, chiefly marketing. By following a few simple steps, this powerful network can be a valuable element in any organisation’s toolkit.

In recruitment, video-based content offers a way to personalise the process and gives potential employees a difficult-to-match insight into an organisation’s culture. Taking video content beyond the walls of the organisation and sharing it on major social platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo also offers the opportunity to promote dialogue with potential employees. Many businesses, universities, public bodies and the military are all successfully using YouTube as a recruitment tool.

So what are the secrets of this success and how can it be emulated by other organisations? Here are four steps to help you make the best use of video content on YouTube:

• use YouTube to host a range of videos that give potential employees a real familiarity with company culture and available careers

• feature interviews with current employees to put an authentic and friendly face to the organisation and provide information potential employees require

• establish a dialogue with potential recruits by enabling comments and responding to these regularly

• link the organisation’s YouTube videos to the company website, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile and other social media to provide more avenues for potential recruits to get information.

And what about production values? After all, a video on YouTube could be the very first contact a potential employee has with the organisation – and the first opportunity to create a favourable impression.

In her article How to use YouTube in Business, Melissa Davis, managing director of MD Communications, says you don’t need a film crew to produce an effective video. But you do need to think about what it’s going to look like. “If it isn’t particularly impressive it could do more harm than good. A decent microphone will ensure that the sound never detracts from the picture.”

Type ‘using YouTube for staff induction and training’ into a search engine and the results will reveal thousands of training and onboarding videos posted by organisations across every sector and continent.

These videos enable organisations to easily convey key induction messages individually to new members of staff via their computer or other devices. There’s no restriction of time or location; they can be seen anytime, anywhere by anyone who needs to.

Similarly training videos – health and safety appears to be the most popular subject on YouTube – can be used as a standalone training aid or to reinforce lessons and learning points originally made at more traditional or formal training sessions.

Video content is a dynamic tool not just for recruitment, but also as a way of building a strong employer brand by passing on relevant and timely information that speaks to different audiences. For example, Randstad Australia uses video content to share labour market insights, analysis and industry research with customers.

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