Apprenticeship schemes – particularly in smaller companies – are a major resource for skills training. An employee who has completed an apprenticeship with your company will have gained a nationally recognised qualification, as well as being trained to meet your specific business needs.

apprenticeships and traineeships

Australian Apprenticeships supports businesses via a range of incentives programs. Once employers have satisfied eligibility criteria, it offers businesses support and advice, while the Australian Apprenticeships Support Network provides guidance for those looking for, or participating in an apprenticeship scheme.

The Australian government makes Apprenticeship Network services available to employers and apprentices throughout the apprenticeship lifecycle, from commencement to completion. It comprises two service types:

  • universal services for all clients, providing essential administrative, payment processing and regular contact

  • targeted services for employers and individuals assessed as needing additional support to complete the apprenticeship.

Support and incentives are available to employers for a range of apprenticeship types, including:

  • adult apprenticeships – for upskilling existing workers

  • school-based apprenticeships – which begin during school but can run beyond schooling years

  • Australian apprentices with disability – a range of services is available to ensure full participation in apprenticeship programs.

Indirect assistance is also available through Group Training Organisations (GTOs) which provide a cost-efficient way for businesses to run Australian apprenticeships. The GTO acts as the primary employer and selects the apprentice, manages the training and takes responsibility for all paperwork connected with wages, allowances, superannuation, workers’ compensation, sick leave, holiday pay and other employment benefits.

For more information, visit the Australian Apprenticeship’s website, where you will find details of local Australian Apprenticeship Centres under the ‘Employers’ banner. From the same website you can download ‘Employing an Australian Apprentice – A Smart Business Decision’.

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